Online Safety

To ensure we keep all children safe at our nursery school we regard online safety as very high importance. All staff have been trained in e-safety. Below are some links which will support your own and child's understanding of online safety.


Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)provides lots of useful information to help keep your child safe online, about spotting the signs and dealing with exploitation. There are different areas of the website for parents and for children.


Thinkuknow (CEOP)Keeping your child safe online – a checklist for parents and carers (CEOP). Please click on link.


Digital parenting - a publication that contains a wealth of up-to-date advice and information for parents and carers. Click on the bolded print to view.


DigiDuck’s Big Decision is a story book you can share with your child that will help them understand how to be a good friend online.  Click link to read.


The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin is a story that explains how a child can keep safe on the internet. Click the link to read.