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Whitehills Nursery School

British Values

British values are included in everything we do at Nursery. We understand that Britain has undergone rapid economic and social change in the last few decades and we live in an increasingly diverse society. We recognise that we need to teach our children that it is possible to live together peacefully, each of them a valuable part of our multi-cultural world.


  • We support children in feeling that they are part of a community and for people to see them as valuable members of their community. The children have visited the library, local parks, local shops, green areas and the Bee Hive and taken part in events that encompass the local community.
  • We encourage children to learn about the world around them and be proud of what they see.
  • We encourage children to respect the natural world and teach children to respect the law, learn right from wrong and to have social responsibility. The children are encouraged to help look after the nursery environment, garden and keep it tidy.
  • Children learn about other cultures and religions and get experience foods from other cultures, dance, costume and languages.
  • We promote PSED daily at Nursery. We encourage children to be independent, look after themselves and others, get along with their peers and recognise right from wrong. We encourage all children to have a voice and ensure we listen so that they feel valued.
  • We talk to children about appropriate behaviour and give them the opportunity to make good choices.
  • We teach children to be kind, helpful and respectful of others.
  • We teach the children about compromise – that some of us believe one thing… some of us believe something totally different… but we can all play together in the same house (or group setting) and respect each other = British values – teaching about similarities and differences.
  • We teach children to work together – we provide them with projects that involve everyone in the provision and we plan group times, where children learn to listen, take turns and value contributions from others. This type of planning is a very important part of British values = teaching about shared values and working together towards a common goal.
  • We teach children about the world in which they live – the world on their doorstep and the wider world – through books, posters, planned activities, resources, outings and much more;
  • We teach children to listen and respect others…

Here are some ways in which we can teach children about life in modern Britain:

  • We teach children about the world around them and use the seasons, weather, special days etc. to plan meaningful learning experiences;
  • We teach children about Britain, showing them the work of sculptors and artists to inspire creativity, listening to music to promote dance and drama (and listening skills of course).
  • We extend teaching, using the library and online sources of information and support them as they learn to respect others by introducing music, dance, art etc. from around the world. We also celebrate British customs and festivals within our society.
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